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Travel insurance covers you against any cost or losses if something should go wrong when you’re on holiday. Whether you’re travelling abroad or in the UK, travel insurance helps you if your holiday plans are disrupted or your accommodation gets cancelled, and is essential in the event that you injure yourself or if your possessions are stolen, lost, or damaged while travelling.

There are two different types of policies we sell at Jane Chewins;

  • Single trip: this covers you for a single trip to the destination(s), for as long as you’re away.
  • Annual multi-trip: this covers you for a full year, allowing you to take multiple holidays without re-purchasing insurance – as long as you go to the destination(s) declared.

The details of travel insurance can differ between insurers, and you should always check the policy wording before you buy your policy to be certain of what you’re covered for. In general, most travel insurance covers:

  • Possessions – if items such as your luggage, important documents, or cash up to a certain amount are lost or stolen, some policies may help you replace them.
  • Medical treatment – insurers generally include cover for emergency medical treatment, however if you haven’t declared any pre-existing medical conditions  you may have then it’s likely that treatment for that condition won’t be covered.
  • Holiday disruptions – travel insurance policies often include reimbursement for disruptions to your travel or living arrangements, such as involuntary abandonment or missed departures, delayed flights, cancelled flights or accommodation, or a curtailed trip.
  • Legal costs – If you have to pay legal fees for an incident that wasn’t your fault, or if you have to pay personal liability if an incident was your fault, your insurer may also pick up the cost.

There are also some common things that most travel insurance policies won’t cover, so be sure to check the policy documents. In these cases, it’s often possible to buy extra cover for an additional price.

  • Typical things that may not be covered by travel insurance include:
  • Adventurous activities – winter sports, or other potentially hazardous activities like climbing, shark cage diving, and white water rafting may not be automatically insured, but you may be able to take out extra cover.
  • Expensive items – gadgets, designer clothes, or sports and music equipment are often excluded from standard travel policies. If you’re taking your laptop, fancy sunglasses, or a guitar with you, check if you’ll need additional cover as some insurers will have a maximum price limit for individual items that you can claim for.
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